Format in a Word file including Excel spreadsheets, graphs, and pictures in a JPG, TIFF, WMF and/or BMP extension.

Top margin: 3 cm, bottom margin: 2 cm, left margin: 3 cm and right margin: 2 cm. Font size for text: Arial 10, single line spacing.
Title: capital letter, bold and centered, Arial 18. Leave two lines and include the name of the author(s), which must be written in capital letter and lowercase, centered, Arial 11. Leave one line to put the address of the author(s), centered, Arial 9. Title of the main headings must be written in bold capital letter and left-justified, Arial 11. Subtitles must be written without bold face, Arial 10. References must be written in Arial 10.

Papers will be submitted online to the Scientific Committee, e-mail:

The Scientific Committee together with the attendance of experts will be responsible for making the critical review of the papers. On this basis, this Committee will decide the acceptance and give to the responsible author(s) the possible suggestions or modifications about the technical approach, which will be considered to approve the final papers.

Deadline: Mayo 30th, 2014








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