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Evidence shows that Earth´s climate is rapidly changing and its impacts are affecting the whole planet. Nonetheless, the mechanisms and processes of such changes, as well as the planet´s future perspectives remain largely elusive. Several questions regarding the climate trends and variability need further debate.

For instance, how much of the present-day warming can be related to natural forcing? Is the warming influenced by human-driven processes, and if so, how much impact do we have? How well are we measuring the progress of environmental changes affecting our daily activities? What are the most successful strategies for adaptation at national and international levels?

Thus, SGP announces the organization of its first International Congress on Climate Change. The event will be held in Huaraz, Peru from November 29th to December 1st, 2017. 

This conference aims to promote a space where these (and other related topics) can be discussed from diverse perspectives, including scientific, economical and societal standpoints. Hence, we encourage short-papers from colleagues working on modern or past climate changes using observational or theoretical data, as well as those addressing directly climate change effects and impacts.