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Climate Change, having the global warming as the main engine, is a process that is slowly changing the living conditions of our societies. Peru is recognized as one of the countries most affected by the environmental changes caused by this process. In order to cope with the effects of climate change, countries have established two broad lines of action: mitigation, which seeks to curb the global temperature increase and adaptation, which focuses on changing the way of life to new conditions.

Geologists are aware of global warming occurring naturally on our planet during its long history of millions of years. Its consequences in the landscapes and environments of the Earth, as well as on the ecosystems have been catastrophic, causing at times the extinction of up to 60% of living species. 

With this in mind, the Geological Society of Peru has set itself the challenge of bringing together specialists from around the world, from November 29 to December 1, 2017, in order to discuss the many aspects of climate change. A broad national participation is also expected to contribute to the study of cases and research results. The specialists called are climatologists, paleoclimatologists, geologists, archaeologists, historians as well as actors in social and economic issues.

The welcoming city of Huaraz, nestled in the Andes at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca will host the event. This will allow that, in addition to the conferences and technical sessions, the participants who are interested, will be able to have access to excursions and technical visits to appreciate zones of recoil glacier and other effects of Climate Change. 

The first circular with information on topics and organization is being distributed by physical and virtual means. All of you are cordially invited to this great event. 

See you in Huaraz!